Take-Back vs. Peer-To-Peer: Which Resale Model Is Right for Your Brand?

Let your business goals and customer experience help you decide which branded resale model is right for your company.

Finding the Right Resale Model for Your Business

Questions to consider internally…

  • What experience is right for our current (and future) community?
  • How can we simplify the selling process for customers?
  • How much control do we want over products & listings?
  • Should the resale platform foster a sense of community?
  • Do we have the capacity to handle pre-owned inventory?
  • Do we want to repair and refurbish products before resale?

Peer-to-Peer: A Low Barrier-to-Entry & Optimized for Efficiency

Key Benefits of the Peer-to-Peer Model:

  • More efficient, less shipping, no warehousing.
  • Builds a sense of community around resale and the brand’s platform.
  • Hands-off for brands, as items ship between customers.

Take-Back Allows for Quality Assurance & Authentication

Key Benefits of the Take-Back Model:

  • Allows for repair, refurbishment, and brand authentication.
  • Brands can control product quality and presentation.
  • Satisfies customers who only wish to engage with the brand.

Recurate Powers Both Peer-to-Peer & Take-Back Models




Powering the Future of Recommerce

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Powering the Future of Recommerce

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